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One of the first places we head to when looking for help with our cars, trucks, or SUVs is google. Then, we begin the search “Tempe windshield replacement services near me” and start sifting through the endless spammy results. We get it. How on earth are you to know what company to work with, and you wonder if you should go with a big brand name and wait your turn. We don’t want you to do any of that. Here is a cheat sheet for choosing a professional auto glass shop in Tempe.

Check Them Out Online

A legitimate company is going to put some effort into its online presence. This doesn’t mean it has to be the slickest website, but it should be current and offer plenty of information to work off of. A site with details about what they do, what services they provide, and insights into their customer care is ideal. Also, check them out on various social media platforms. An active company there means they are hoping to attract customers and are ready to help you. Don’t forget things like google reviews too. This is a fantastic tool for any business where customers can see what actual patrons have to say about their service with the shop. 

Get a Quote

Gather your information together about your vehicle and insurance. If you’re ready when you call the shop, it will make things easier and cut down on the back and forth phone calls. Be prepared with questions as well, since sometimes it’s hard to remember everything to ask when you’re trying to deal with a repair or an emergency like auto glass. Ask them questions like, what kind of availability do you have to get my car in? How long will the repair take? Do you have mobile services? Can you get me a quote to look over first? Then, examine the quote for transparent pricing. Ask about any strange fees or fine print that might be on the quote. 

Get Service Details

Once you find a company you think you want to hire, we hope that is us, be sure to follow up on a few questions to ensure you’re going to get the best in Tempe. First, find out if the shop handles your insurance coverage and if they figure that out for you, or if that will be left up to you. You can also ask more about where the business gets its auto glass? These businesses should be working with manufacturers that have a good track record and adhere to safety standards. There are federal regulations and auto industry guidelines for auto glass. Finally, ask about mobile services and how they work. This is a great feature for an auto glass business, and you’ll want to know how it differs from bringing in your vehicle for the service. 

Learn More About The Business

Your auto glass service provider should be a licensed business and insured to protect you and them. Companies that take the extra steps to make their business legal and transparent are typically customer-centric. You may want to seek out more information about how long they have been in business and how long they have been serving the Tempe, AZ area. Learn as much as you can about who is actually performing the work. Experience and trained installers are an important component of your overall safety and security. Poor workmanship can lead to additional damages, return visits, or work, roadway accidents. It doesn’t hurt to learn these details before committing to an auto glass shop. 

With a little research and question asking, you’ll find a great auto glass company. We welcome your questions and would be happy to help you get back on the road. 

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