Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for a Newly Replaced Windshield

Having a damaged windshield replaced is a great way to take care of your vehicle and ensure that you are safe while on the road. Once the glass has been replaced, there are some key steps you can take to prevent any further damage from occurring. No matter where you are located, our mobile glass technicians can travel to you and complete the job in minimal time. Now that you have a sleek new windshield, keep reading to learn more about the specific things you can do to protect the integrity of the glass, and extend its lifespan.

Don’t Drive Right Away

While it may be tempting to drive your car as soon as the technician is finished installing your new windshield, you should not operate the vehicle for at least one hour after the replacement is complete. The glass and adhesion may be fragile during this time so it’s crucial that the vehicle sits and allows the adhesive to fully dry. There are also additional factors that can increase the time needed for the adhesive to dry such as temperature, humidity levels, and the type of adhesive used. In some scenarios, the windshield may have to sit up to 24 hours before the vehicle can be driven to ensure a proper adhesive seal. Your glass technician will be able to recommend the necessary time needed for your windshield adhesive to dry and can also answer any questions you have regarding your new windshield.

Try to be Gentle

Similar to the previous tip, it’s important to be gentle with your vehicle for the first few days after a complete windshield replacement. In addition to waiting an hour, you should be sure not to slam the car doors or keep the windows completely closed for 24 to 48 hours after installation. While the adhesive is fully drying and curing, any sudden movements or impact can puncture the windshield’s seal. During the first 48 hours after installation, try to avoid using the sun visor and never apply any direct pressure to the glass. Also, try to avoid extremely rough terrain or bumpy dirt roads for the first days after replacement.

Do Not Remove Anything

We understand that you want your car to look good, especially after having a brand new windshield installed. If you notice any tape or materials still on your windshield, do not remove these unless directed to by your glass installation professional. This tape is typically retention tape and works to keep the glass and moldings in place while the adhesive is still curing. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your car, it’s only necessary to keep them in place for around 24-28 hours. 

Crack Your Windows

One crucial tip that is often overlooked is the need to keep car windows cracked a small amount after installation to prevent damage. When you keep all the windows completely sealed, this can lead to a build-up of pressure that can damage the new glass. By keeping all the windows cracked between ¼ to ½ of an inch, weather permitting, you are able to stabilize the pressure within the vehicle and protect the structural integrity of your brand new windshield. Your glass technician can recommend how long you should leave your windows cracked and can answer any glass-related questions.

Don’t Wash Your Car

It’s important to avoid any form of car washes, both commercial and at home, for at least 3 days following windshield replacement. The high-pressure water from car washes and cleaning agents can cause issues with the moldings or cause damage to the glass itself. After 48 hours, it is safe to hand wash the vehicle as long as you use mild cleaners and avoid spraying any water directly onto the windshield for extended periods of time. Typically, after 3 days it is safe to resume your car maintenance routine. Being mindful of proper care techniques will help to preserve and protect this important investment.

Change Your Route

If your normal route is filled with bumpy roads, dangerous potholes, or excessive rocks/debris, it may be best to change your plans for a few days. Driving on dirt roads or bumpy terrain runs the risk of debris hitting your windshield, which can cause damage to the glass and adhesive during the drying period. You won’t need to avoid these types of areas forever, as the glass will only need around 48 hours to dry. 

When you make the investment of a new windshield for your vehicle, you want to be sure that the glass will function like new for years to come. If you follow these tips, you can work to protect the integrity of your new windshield during the crucial drying time. You will also be helping to increase its overall lifespan and longevity.

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