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We welcome you here to learn more about side window repair and replacement. When your side windows are cracked or shattered, we understand how frustrating this can be. We also understand that many put this repair off due to cost and time. Before we get into those details, we just want to take a quick moment to fill you in on what we do. We have been in the auto glass industry for more than two decades. In that time, we have perfected our trade, built important business partnerships, and hired the best in the business. We have also developed a mobile crew who can do appointments at your location. This makes repairs and replacement even easier on our customers, and that is something we aim to do every day. Keep reading to learn more about us and your side window replacement service.



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    Many drivers often put off side window repairs. Sometimes this is due to cost or time, but often, people don't think it's a big deal. Some repairs aren't that big of a deal, but their potential for getting worse is.
    Your side windows are your only means of seeing other vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic patterns. When your visibility is complicated by a crack or shatter, you risk driving safely from point A to point B. When sunlight hits those damages, they become worse and practically blinding.
    Side window damages also welcome robberies. Compromised auto glass is an easy target for criminal behavior because the glass will bust out easier and with less force. Cracked side windows invite this behavior.
    Broken glass also is susceptible to air pressure changes. Chances are it won't blow out, but you may see additional cracking or shattering from closing doors with all the windows up.
    Your side auto glass, be that driver, passenger, quarter panel, or vent windows, should all be fixed as soon as possible. While some cracks can be repaired, most of the time, side windows need to be replaced. We are confident we can do this at the best possible price point.
    As you continue to learn more about our side window repairs below, please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help, and we want to see you safely back on the road.

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    Driver and Passenger Side Windows

    Our auto glass is top-notch and adheres to all auto industry standards. This is an important factor since not all auto glass shops can claim this. Our installers will not only install your new auto glass, but they will also ensure your power windows are functioning correctly too. Sometimes, if you've been in an accident and had damage to your door, the power window mechanism is damaged. We will ensure we don't leave you with this problem. When your side window glass is broken or shattered, it can leave blind spots or visibility issues. Since these windows play such a big role in safe driving, let's work on getting these repaired quickly.

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    Back Quarter Panel Glass

    The tinted glass that sits behind the passenger and driver windows is referred to as quarter panel auto glass. Many times they are fixed windows and are tinted for privacy and security. When this glass gets damaged, it can be tricky to find the right glass to replace it. We don't have this problem since we work with some of the best suppliers around. This auto glass is mostly found on SUVs, vans, and crew cab trucks. If left damaged, this can welcome potential robberies since the windows are already compromised. The windows are also structurally compromised, so you may see more damages when you hit potholes or speed bumps the wrong way. And finally, the windows are sensitive to air pressure. They won't likely burst, but they might crack more. If you're in an accident, they actually could burst; and that would leave you or your passengers covered in glass.

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    Vent Windows

    Vent windows are the small, sometimes odd-shaped, windows found at the corners of a car, truck, or SUV. You can find these on vintage or classic cars as well. Older model cars tend to have rectangular vent glass. Some SUVs are bringing this glass back in new places like the door or back top corners near the roof. No matter where your vent glass is or how tricky it is to find, we have access to it all. We invite you to call or message us about your vent glass, so we can start locating it fast and get you a quote.

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    Our Company

    As a customer-centric business, our first goal is to listen to our customers. We know you are busy and are working with little time, and we want to expedite your service as much as possible. The best way to do that is to listen and offer immediate remedies. After 20+ years in the auto glass industry, we have learned a good deal about auto glass installation. Our mobile teams can support you by showing up at your work or home. This is helpful for those with tight schedules. We will also work with your car insurer to see if you are covered for your side window repair. Our customers work with us because of our commitment to their safety and our business mindset. We are licensed and insured and offer labor warranties on our work. We also use top-notch talent who know the auto glass industry. Our tradespeople are qualified and trained to install your windows fast and safely.

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    Our Partners

    You might not wonder much about who we partner with; after all, it's our job to find our suppliers and manufacturers. We feel it's worth mentioning since many auto glass shops can't claim they work with the best. Our manufacturers use industry-standard glass to ensure quality and your safety. Our suppliers for parts, tools, and materials are equally equipped. All of our partners give us the best prices so we can pass those savings on to you. We are competitively priced. We look forward to helping you with your side window auto glass and want to get you back on the road asap.

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