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    AutoMotor Windshield Repair

    Phoenix, AZ

    Windshield Repairs and Replacements


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    Are you dealing with a cracked windshield after an accident? Did hail or high winds leave your auto glass damaged from the storm? Drivers in the Phoenix area have trusted our team at AutoMotor Windshield Repair for years with their cracked or damaged windshield glass. In addition to windshield services, our team can also provide additional auto glass repairs on passenger doors, sunroofs, and glass that has tint applied. We are happy to provide both new and returning clients with free estimates on all our auto glass services so that you can feel confident choosing our team. A cracked windshield or damaged auto glass not only affects the appearance of your vehicle but can also put your safety at risk during an accident. Don’t wait to schedule your windshield repair, call or email us today.

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    Don’t Wait and Risk Safety Issues

    It’s a common misconception that a small chip or minor crack in a windshield will not affect the vehicle and functionality while on the road. This is simply untrue, which is why we recommend never driving a vehicle that has any form of auto glass damage! When any of the glass on your vehicle is compromised by a crack, chip, shattering, it can put your safety at risk if you are in an accident. The windshield glass also works with important sensors that gather information for the high technology systems such as lane assist, automatic braking, and automatic parking. If improper information is transmitted from these sensors, it can lead to you switching lanes when there is a vehicle or obstruction or issues with airbag deployment during an accident. The best way to ensure your safety and your passengers’ safety while on the road is to contact us and schedule your windshield repairs as soon as possible.

    Auto Glass Services

    AutoMotor Windshield Repair Phoenix, Arizona


    Below you will be able to read more about the specific auto glass and windshield repair services we offer to drivers in the Tempe area.

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    When the damage to your windshield is severe and contains large cracks or shattered areas, a full glass replacement may be the most cost-effective method to fix the issues. It’s common for drivers to avoid having their windshield replaced due to the fear of high costs or having to be without their vehicles for an extended period of time. When you choose our team of auto glass experts at AutoMotor Windshield Repair in Phoenix, we can provide you mobile windshield replacements to help make the process quick and hassle-free. If you are dealing with a heavily damaged windshield, contact us for a free estimate today!

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    If your windshield has minor issues like small chips, dents, or cracks, our team may be able to provide repairs that help to prolong the life of your windshield. Our company uses the highest quality materials and latest technology to ensure that the repairs will provide the proper integrity to the glass and can recalibrate your windshield to ensure your safety. You should never attempt to repair windshield damage with a DIY kit or at-home remedy, as the materials provided do not offer the same strength or makeup as professional-grade repairs. Always trust in a licensed auto glass technician to complete any necessary front windshield repairs.

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    Rear windshield glass can also be damaged like the front windshield and is just as important to repair quickly. Similar to front glass damage, rear windshields also provide important structural integrity, functionality, and safety to your vehicle while on the road. Rear windshield glass is strong but can be damaged from a variety of factors including weather events, falling debris, an accident, and countless other scenarios. When you choose our team of Phoenix-based experts to help with rear windshield repairs, we can also ensure important areas like defrosting and heating elements are fully functional.

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    Quarter Panel Glass


    This type of glass is small but still provides important integrity and security to your vehicle. It is most common to see quarter panel glass on larger model vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and vans. When this glass is damaged, it can lead to functional issues during an accident and can even pose a security risk to your important items in the car. We recommend having a licensed auto glass technician complete any quarter panel installations or repairs, as this type of glass can be extremely difficult to install. Our team is happy to provide a free quote on these services, so be sure to call us or send us an email.

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    Moonroof and Sunroof Glass


    Sunroof and moonroof glass are great accessories on some vehicles, as they help to increase brightness in the vehicle and can even add fresh air when opened. Unfortunately, the placement of a sunroof or moonroof is the risk of damage to the glass or mechanical elements from weather, debris, an accident, or even theft. It can be difficult to find a reputable auto glass repair shop that can work on these accessories, as damage often affects the mechanical or electrical parts. Drivers in Phoenix have trusted our team at AutoMotor Windshield Repair for years to repair and replace both moonroof and sunroof glass, along with ensuring it is fully functional.

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    The glass that is used for passenger door windows is thinner than what is used for the front and rear windshields, which is why it’s common for these windows to need repairs. It’s important that you have a chipped or cracked passenger door glass repaired as soon as possible, as broken glass puts you at risk of injuries during an accident or even increases your risk of theft. If your passenger door glass is chipped or cracked, it could shatter in towards you and your passengers during any form of impact, which can lead to serious injuries. The best way to ensure you are safe while on the road is to contact us at the first sign of passenger door glass damage.

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    Specialty Glass


    Do you drive a classic or vintage model car? Have you struggled to find an auto shop that can provide glass replacements for your unique model of vehicle? AutoMotor Windshield Repair is the number one choice for specialty auto glass repairs in the Maricopa County area and is proud to provide competitively priced services. You won’t have to search for a reputable shop to complete your repairs when you trust in our team and you can feel confident with the process knowing we always provide a free no-obligation estimate on all of our services.

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    While this service has grown in popularity over the last few years, most new cars with auto-assist technology require recalibration services after any form of auto glass damage or repairs. This service is designed to make sure your windshield is structurally intact and is working correctly with the various sensors in these high technology systems. This is another reason why you should never attempt to complete auto glass repairs at home, as you cannot be sure if the technology system is functioning correctly. Don’t risk your safety, contact us today to learn more about windshield recalibrations.

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    We know how busy our daily schedules can be, which is why we are proud to offer mobile glass repair services to our clients in and around the Phoenix, Arizona area! Utilizing these services is not only convenient but can help to save you hours of time compared to the traditional method for glass repairs. You won’t have to worry about bringing your car into the shop or waiting for the job to be done. We can travel to your location and complete the repairs in just a short amount of time to help get you safely back on the road.

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    Do you have window tint installed in your car and are worried about having your damaged windshield repaired? Unsure if you will be able to match the current tint to avoid a complete reinstallation? Our team is happy to provide window tinting services to all Phoenix drivers, even if there is no damage to your auto glass. We utilize all of the latest technology and equipment to complete our tinting and can match nearly any currently installed materials. If you have tinted auto glass that is cracked or want to learn more about our tinting services, reach out to us via phone or email today.

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    AutoMotor Windshield Repair

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    When you choose our team of experts at AutoMotor Windshield Repair to help with your damaged auto glass, you are receiving services from some of the most skilled glass technicians in the Phoenix area! You can secure our windshield repair services with confidence knowing we always provide a free estimate on our services and carry all of the necessary licenses and insurances to operate in the state of Arizona. Realizing you have a cracked windshield can be stressful, but the repair process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We strive to make the repair process hassle-free through each step and work to offer some of the most competitively priced windshield repairs in Maricopa County.

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