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Built into your vehicle is a technological system also known as the Advanced Driver-Assistance System (or ADAS), and there comes a point when you made need to recalibrate your windshield because the glass is either out of place or it needs to be replaced altogether. For the windshield to be properly calibrated and aligned, it requires certain equipment and machines to properly reinstall it so that your ADAS system is properly functioning like before. The entire recalibration process can be very cumbersome and, if done incorrectly, this could result in more problems, that is why you must hire a professional to recalibrate your windshield.

The technology built into your windshield performs a variety of different functions that are designed towards keeping you safe and secure. When an issue arises, it is your responsibility to have your windshield reliably recalibrated, and we can get the job at a reasonable price and in a reasonable amount of time.

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    Tempe Windshield Recalibration

    Why You Should Hire Us

    There are many benefits to recalibrating your windshield

    Protect yourself, your family, and your property

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    Light Sensor and Camera


    Installed in every ADAS system are sensors and radar mechanisms that detect any traffic issue that may be outside of your awareness. When your windshield is not correctly aligned, this creates a situation where your ADAS system fails to alert you of any traffic situations or, even worse, falsely inform you of a bad scenario. This can cause you to turn into vehicles or drive off the road, which creates a serious safety hazard for yourself and your family. Also, the emergency braking system could trigger in a situation where it is not needed, which can bring you to an abrupt stop at a bad moment.

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    Windshield Replacements


    When an ADAS system is installed in your car and there comes a situation where you need to replace your windshield, then recalibration is very much necessary, and this is because different cars have different specifications, making it very easy to screw up the entire reinstallation. Also, certain tools are required to perform any windshield replacement when recalibration is involved, and an ideal situation would be that the person recalibrating the windshield has ample experience.

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    Safety Issues


    You could be potentially thrust into many different undesirable and unsafe scenarios on the road if you fail to recalibrate your windshield. Even if your windshield is slightly out of alignment, this could lead to serious safety issues, so this is a situation that should not be taken lightly. If you believe that you are experiencing any issues with the alignment of your windshield, then we strongly recommend that you visit one of our technicians immediately. What they can do is perform a test on your vehicle to determine if the windshield is incorrectly aligned, to which we will recalibrate accordingly.

    Tempe, Arizona

    Professional Windshield Recalibration


    Why window recalibration is in your best interest

    We are ensuring that you can protect yourself and prevent any potential calamities from happening. We are always looking out for your safety.

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    Indicators of Needing Recalibration


    Serval things can indicate that your windshield is in a need of a recalibration. The most common occurrence is a cracked windshield. If you do not immediately fix your cracked windshield, then this could lead to significant issues, because over time the crack will get worse and this will greatly impact the effectiveness of your ADAS system. Another thing to look out for is the accuracy of the camera and sensor installed in your windshield. If you are experiencing any issues with this, then a recalibration will be needed to ensure that your ADAS system is performing optimally.

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    A Numbers Game


    A large percentage of vehicular accidents and fatalities occur due to human error. That is why ADAS systems were developed in the first place: to limit the number of accidents that occur and protect the general public. ADAS systems prevent numerous accidents from happening and they ultimately make the world a much safer place. The last thing that we want is for you to become another statistic. Another tidbit of data we want to touch on is that ADAS systems reduce all passenger-vehicle accidents by an estimated 40%, which astounding. Hire us to professionally recalibrate your windshield astronomically increases your safety.

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    Reliable Recalibrations


    There is no single and repetitive approach to windshield recalibration, and that is because different manufacturers have developed and implemented a unique spectrum of ADAS technology. Each system operates a little differently and this requires to be that much more precise when recalibrating your windshield. What we tell all of our clients is that we have seen and done it all when it comes to window repair and replacements solutions and that we are always prepared to help you realign or reinstall your windshield.

    Need to recalibrate your windshield?

    Do not hesitate to call us and speak with one of our technicians about our services. Any question you may have, we will certainly be able to answer.

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    Professional window repairs and replacements

    Windshield Recalibration in Tempe, Arizona


    You can trust us to get the job done!

    Our team of experienced technicians can handle anything when it comes to repairing or replacing your car window. Our company is one of the leading providers of recalibrating services in Tempe, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

    Windshield recalibration will greatly enhance your safety and it makes it much easier to navigate traffic. If your ADAS system isn’t operating as it should be, then please call us and we can help figure things out. The sooner you call us, the better. If you want to learn more about our company and the services we provide, feel free to visit our homepage and browse our website!

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