Auto Glass Repair Near Me

We get just as mad at the flying rock off a semi-trailer as you do. The same one that hits the windshield at (what seems like mock 5) and leaves its mark on your entire day. At that moment, it’s hard to know what to do. Do you speed up and give the driver a piece of your mind, jot down a license plate number, or panic momentarily about your windshield coverage? We get it. We have all been there, but let’s get you out of that bad situation stat. 

Our company has been in central Arizona for years, and we’ve been serving the Tempe community the entire time. Before you get sucked into a long game of google results, “Tempe auto glass repairs near me,” let us move you to the front of the line with our classic customer service, superior materials, and excellent pricing. Here are a few reasons to trust us with your next auto glass repair in Tempe. 

  • Expert Technicians – Our professionals have been working in this industry for years and have experience in repair, replacement, technical services, and mechanical components. These aren’t your everyday mechanics. We hire top talent to ensure our customers get the best results. We also train our crews on new techniques, technology, and customer service. 
  • Legitimate Business – We have taken the right steps to become experts and a legitimate business in Arizona. We are insured to cover you and our business, which gives our customers peace of mind. We also offer 100% labor warranties, so you know our pros take the appropriate time and attention to detail. 
  • Quality Materials – Did you know that some auto glass installers will get their glass from the cheapest place with no track record or standards? We source our materials to meet federal guidelines and auto industry standards. Our manufactures have great track records and give us price points to remain competitive. Our suppliers of parts, adhesives, and tools are equally impressive and equipped. 

A List of Auto Glass Services in Tempe

What kind of repair or replacement do you need? Here is a list of what we can help you with, and please give us a call for anything you might not see listed here. 

1 – Windhsields – Repairs, Replacement, Chips, and Cracks. 

2 – Door Glass – Passenger, Driver, 4th and 5th door glass projects. 

3 – Quarter Panel – SUV, Van, Tinted, and Specialty Windows.

4 – Vent Glass – Specialty Windows, Classics, Vintage, and the like. 

5 – Roof Glass – Moonroof, Sunroof, Repairs, and Replacements. 

6 – Rear Window – Simple, Complex, Heated, Replacements. 

7 – Recalibration – Static and Dynamic Recalibration Tests. 

8 – Window Tint – Privacy, Security, Aesthetics. 

Don’t Wait To Replace

Maybe you have seen a small chip turn into a big problem after running over a pothole or getting in your super cold car. While auto glass is made to withstand a good bit of abuse, it’s still delicate and vulnerable. When you wait to replace your auto glass, you can run into bigger problems. This includes larger cracks and shatters, conflicts with law officers, additional injuries in car accidents, more expenses, and insurance fiascos. 

Give us a call today or message us, and let us get you back on the road safely. We never sacrifice speed for safety, but we can always fit you in, so you have a safer driving experience. It’s safer for both you and your passengers to have functioning windows. Have questions? We welcome those and encourage you to gather your vehicle information, VIN, insurance details, and more, so we can expedite your service with us.

Call now: 480-680-7442
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