What Is Windshield Calibration?

Windshield calibration in Tempe, Arizona is an important part of glass maintenance and should be completed after any repairs or replacements to the material. During the calibration process, the glass experts will complete either one or two tests to determine whether or not the safety mechanisms in your car are lined up and functioning correctly. You may be completely unaware of your car’s automatic driver assistance systems (ADAS) but common elements include cameras, sensors, lasers, and even radars to determine the environment around you and alert you of possible collisions. The tests the professionals perform ensure each of these elements are lined up precisely because if they are not, your vehicle may incorrectly determine it is safe to change lanes or may not complete automatic braking at the appropriate time. Safety features are incredible in newer model cars, be sure to keep it functioning properly with windshield calibration services in Tempe.

Does My Car Have ADAS?

While we cannot determine if your car specifically has ADAS, most newer model cars in the past ten or fifteen years feature some sort of driver safety system. If your car has any cameras mounted near the windshield, a rear backup camera, or assistance items like lane assist, it’s safe to assume your car does have ADAS installed. Even some older model vehicles feature some or all of these elements, though it’s important to reach out to the manufacturer for any specific questions. You can also reach out to Tempe Windshield for any questions regarding price, variations, and availability.

Will My Insurance Cover Recalibration?

Your insurance company may cover some or all of the costs of windshield calibration in Tempe, it’s important to review your policy documents for specific coverage amounts. In some cases, you may have to pay or meet your deductible for the service to be covered. In others, it may be covered as a standard part of glass services. If you cannot locate your policy documents, you can reach out to the insurance company directly or you can contact Tempe Windshield for assistance. The glass experts have years of experience completing calibration services and can help determine your unique coverages.

Does Wheel Alignment Affect My Sensors?

Yes, a wheel alignment may affect the calibration of the windshield due to shifted elements like cameras or sensors. If you have service completed on the wheel alignment or suspension system of your vehicle, be sure the technicians complete the calibration before you drive the car. They will complete a static recalibration or a dynamic recalibration depending on your car and the manufacturers’ pre-determined requirements. These tests are not time-consuming and in most cases are usually finished within one or two hours’ time. You can reach out to your vehicle manufacturer or your trusted mechanic for specific details regarding wheel alignment and calibration services.

Where Can I Get My Windshield Calibrated?

There are many options for windshield calibration in Tempe and the surrounding communities. It’s important that you complete research on possible companies and check their license and reviews. Completing these steps may seem tedious but they can really help you in the long run if there are any issues with your windshield or ADAS functions. Choosing a company like Tempe Windshield ensures services come with a warranty, as well as free estimates for clients’ peace of mind. Calibration doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive thanks to the prompt and friendly service offered at Tempe Windshield. You can always reach out via phone or email with any specific questions.

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