The Cost to Replace a Windshield

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a good day can turn bad when a rock hits your windshield? The unfortunate reality of windshield replacements is that they come out of nowhere and are a surprise financial burden. But are they really? That, of course, depends on your insurance coverage, but here are some thoughts surrounding your windshield replacement in Tempe. 

Do You Need to Replace?

When talking about windshield replacement, the first question really should be, do I really need a replacement? Only a professional can help you determine whether or not you can get by with a repair or if you need to replace your front window glass. In general, small and medium-sized chips in your windshield are repairable. Small cracks can often be fixed as well but hinge on where the damage is located. Any sizable damage will likely require a full replacement.

Sizable cracks, even if it’s one line across your windshield, will require a total replacement. If something has hit your windshield, like a ball, and leaves a shatter this will likely require a replacement. 

Why You Should Work Quickly to Repair Windshield Damage

Windshields are designed to stay together despite cracks and shatters. Most people take this as a means of prolonging or pushing off repairs or replacements. This is never a good idea. Your front window is a window into the world while you’re driving. It is the most significant piece of equipment that allows you to see what is happening on the roadway. Anything that compromises your vision is a hazard for you and others on the road.

While it doesn’t happen often, you can be pulled over if you have significant windshield damage. It would be a shame to add the expense of a ticket to the expense of replacing your windshield.

Finally, your windshield works in conjunction with the rest of the structural integrity of your car. When it is damaged and shows signs of cracks and shatters, your safety is compromised. If you were to get into a car accident, for example, you could end up with a lot of glass in your lap because your windshield was already cracked. This can put you and your passengers at risk for additional injuries. 

Factors Impacting The Cost of Your Windshield

Not all windshields are created equal. In general, the newer your vehicle is, the more expensive the windshield will be. The same can be true for luxury model vehicles that have specialty windshields and sensors. Other factors that can contribute to the cost of your windshield include cameras and additional sensors for smart car features. You may also pay additional fees depending on how extensive the damage is and if other structural features will need to be repaired. Finally, the manufacturers of your windshield may or may not be cheaper or more expensive to work with. 

But Will You Pay?

The good news is, most insurance providers cover the cost to replace your windshield. In fact, many of our customers are surprised to learn that they will not be paying anything out of pocket. While not all insurance programs are the same, they try to keep your vehicle as safe as possible with a new windshield.

When you work with a professional auto glass shop, like hours in Tempe, they will do the detailed work with your insurance provider. This may include phone calls and taking care of financial details and payments. This is a great feature, so you’re not dealing with your insurance company. 

The easiest way to find out how much you will pay for your windshield (or not pay) is to get a free quote. Most reputable auto glass shops will provide you with a free quote for your windshield. This should be a transparent, no strings attached quote so you know what to expect when having your repair done. A quote is a specific number, so you’re prepared if you have to pay out-of-pocket. 

We are here to help our customers through the windshield replacement process in Tempe, Arizona. If we can answer any more questions for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask. We provide free quotes to our customers because we believe in transparent pricing.

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