Incorporated as an official town in 1951, Scottsdale is a moderately sized city with a population of roughly 246,000 people located about 25 minutes southeast of Phoenix. With ideal year-round temperatures, Scottsdale is the perfect place to settle down and live an active outdoor lifestyle. Despite the modest size of Scottsdale, there are many things to do while you’re there and nearby Phoenix also offers many entertainments and attractions.

From the foothills of the Sonoran Preserve to the vast expanse of the desert, Scottsdale is the place to be to get out and explore everything nature has to offer. Scottsdale is a popular destination for vacationers and tourists because the area is home to several luxury resorts and acclaimed restaurants. If you are ever traveling through the southwest, then Scottsdale is a place you’ll want to visit.

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Living in Scottsdale

Many people settle down in Scottsdale because the region offers socio-economic prosperity. Scottsdale is one of Arizona’s top-10 largest cities in the state and always receives a high rating for economic development and commercial growth every year. The city is very tax-friendly to its residents and it is a great place to start up a small business. Scottsdale has an extensive history for tourism and the city racks up an annual average of $3.7 billion in revenue. Scottsdale has some of the best recreational amenities that you will find throughout the country, and no matter your income level, Scottsdale provides you many lifestyle options to choose from. More than 25,000 businesses have set up shop in Scottsdale with more than 20% of corporate headquarters in the State of Arizona located there.

Geo-Coordinates of Scottsdale:

Lat: 33.501324
Long: -111.925278

Things to do in Scottsdale

There are many places to check out while you’re in Scottsdale that will keep you busy and enthralled throughout the day. Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright was obsessed with the Sonoran Desert and he settled in Scottsdale during the winters. Scottsdale is the home of his architectural school, the Taliesin West, and guests can visit the facilities and check out Wright’s ingenious designs. Another place worth checking out is the Scottsdale Museum of Natural Art which features a wide range of innovative and awe-inspiring exhibitions. Scottsdale is also home to some of the best and most sought-after golf courses in the country; with 330 days of sunshine during the year, Scottsdale is a golfer’s paradise. Also, Old Town Scottsdale is a quaint little section of the city that features a bevy of shopping and dining options. You also have the opportunity to try out and taste some of the most exquisite wine you will find throughout the state in Old Town Scottsdale.

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