Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona that boasts of a population of around 1.7 million people, making it one of the largest cities in the United States. Phoenix is a popular destination for several reasons, but what makes it truly appealing is its year-round sun and temperatures. The city itself offers many unique attractions and entertainments that also make the area appealing to tourists and vacationers.

There are many things to do while you are in Phoenix and we recommend that you take full advantage of everything that is at your disposal. Whether it’s a scenic drive, visiting a resort, or going on an adventure into the vast expanse of the desert environment, then Phoenix is the place to be. Also, there are many different places to go if you are looking for good cuisine or a nice shopping experience.

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Living in Phoenix

Phoenix is a vibrant and diverse community that is located in the central region of the state of Arizona. The city is about 20 minutes west of Tempe and 20 minutes southwest of Scottsdale. There several major companies with large-scale operations in the city of Phoenix, including Intel, Motorola, AlliedSignal, Honeywell, Boeing, American Express, Prudential, and Charles Schwab. Phoenix was incorporated as a city in Maricopa County in 1881 and became the State capitol of Arizona in 1912. Phoenix is home to the South Mountain Park which is a favorite of residents for its scenic vistas and proximity to the metropolitan area. Residents also have a bevy of options at their disposal when it comes to the many different cultural experiences that the city has to offer. This includes The Arizona Science Center, The Desert Botanical Garden in nearby Papago Salado, and The Heard Museum.

Phoenix Geo-Coordinates:

Lat: 33.448376
Long: -112.074036

Things to go in Phoenix

The better question is this: what isn’t there to do in Phoenix? Considered to be the “Soul of the Southwest,” Phoenix features a variety of attractions, including museums, resorts, and unique cityscape that is dazzling to behold. Phoenix is also home to the St. Mary’s Basilica which is famous for its towering Spanish Colonial architecture. The Heritage Square located in Old Town Scottsdale is also something that attracts a lot of visitors and tourists because it offers a unique glimpse into the Old West and it perfectly blends in seamlessly with the modernized and vibrant architecture of downtown Phoenix. Phoenix is also a great place to get away and relax out in the sun. The Big Surf water park and Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon rides offer tons of fun for residents and visitors alike. If ever get the chance, you should also check out the Great Oasis located in the Sonoran Desert.

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