Peoria is a suburb of northwestern Phoenix that boasts of a population of 164,000 people. The city was originally established as a separate agricultural community but over the years has developed into a thriving socio-economic extension of Phoenix. Peoria provides an excellent quality of life and the area is home to the popular Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

There are over 60-miles of trails to explore in the area and Peoria also has two community theatres, an art museum, and offers year-round festivals and special events. The population is rapidly growing and the city is quickly becoming more modernized while also preserving the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Peoria got its name from Peoria, Illinois, after several families and a former Union Army officer moved from there to Arizona.

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Living in Peoria

Peoria is considered to be one of the best places to live in Arizona, and this is because, in a 2017 study, Peoria proved to be among the top 10 growing job markets in the country. This means that more new businesses are coming to the area, which also means that the city is experiencing a real estate boom. The community overall is very family-friendly and promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle. Peoria has some of the safest neighborhoods that you will find in the central Arizona area and they also gave some of the top-rated grade schools. There are also plenty of public parks to visit and your options are virtually limitless when it comes to the recreational options that Peoria has to offer. Geographically, Arizona is also one of the most diverse states, and Peoria is essentially a microcosm of the States in terms of lush forests, rivers, and lakes that you will find in the area.

Geo-Coordinates of Peoria:

Lat: 33.5805955
Long: -112.2373779

Things to do in Peoria

There are many things to check out in Peoria, and among them is io Vista Community Park which offers many indoor recreational activities, including racquetball, physical training, and rock climbing. Peoria is also home to an awesome sports complex where several MLB teams participate in the Cactus League and The Arizona Broadway Theatre is also located in Peoria. The Quintero Golf Course located just off of Lake Pleasent is the place to be for anyone who seeking a year-round golfing experience. Residents can also visit Challenger Space Center, which is a great way to spend the day with your family and take a simulated flight into space! You also have Harkins Theatre which is part of a chain of theaters of the same name founded in Arizona in 1933. The employees of the theatre are very accommodating and they always ensure that you have an enjoyable viewing experience.

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