Located in south-central Arizona, Mesa is a suburb of Phoenix located just east of the city and it has a population of over 491,000 people. Mesa has a large Mormon population (about 25% of the residents) and it serves as a leading industrial area throughout the state of Arizona. Mesa has an ideal year-round climate which makes it a perfect area for tourists and vacationers.

There are many art galleries located in the downtown Mesa area and the amphitheater attracts a lot of famous musicians and artists. Because the city offers your-round sunlight and warm temperatures, Mesa is also the perfect place for sports and leisure. Mesa is home to the Chicago Cubs’ spring training operations. Mesa also offers the ideal climate and geography for golfing.

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Living in Mesa

Mesa has an awesome and lively nightlife that offers many of the attractions of a major city, the size of the population still carries with it that small-town effect. Also, if you want to get the full effect and excitement of a big city, Phoenix is just a short ride away. Not far away is the Grand Canyon, and Mesa also offers a broad variety of outdoor adventure to you to partake with your friends and family. This includes the interactive Geo tagging experience in which you and a group of people can get together and explore the Sonoran Desert trails of Mesa. Mesa is also home to the Cactus Leagues where many teams in Major League Baseball participate in Spring Training and go against each other in exhibition games. Also, not far away are the Superstition Mountains where you go for a hike and take an adventure on the old trails that were once, according to legend, traversed by the Lost Dutchman.

Geo-Coordinates of Mesa
Lat: 33.424564
Long: -111.833267

Things to do in Mesa

There are many different attractions to check out in Mesa. The Mesa Arts Center is a performing and visual arts complex where you can enjoy shows ranging from interpretive dance to comedy performances. They also have art exhibits that are open to the public. The Mesa Ampitheatre houses up to 5,000 people and it’s a great place to catch a show or any other kind of live performance. Golfland and Sunsplash are two separate attractions that are adjacent to each other in location and they offer you a wide range of games, entertainments, and theme rides. You can also check out the Mesa Historical museum which is dedicated to preserving the artifacts, documents, and memorabilia that are unique to the Mesa area. Mesa is also located near the Sonoran Desert where several companies offer a hot-air balloon ride through the Arizona skies.

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